Thursday, January 14, 2010

cool moments

a few really cool moments of the day....

drivin' up to the doc's appointment he told
me he was gonna write me a smaltzy note,
but he only had one hand and it would end
up with just a few words and it wouldn't
be what he meant, and it'd confuse me.

i laughed.
the confused me part was because i have
trouble readin' him sometimes. and yesterday
i said several times 'you are totally confusing

it made me laugh and i appreciated us.

that's it.

i appreciated us.

i didn't wish we were different.
didn't wish he could type more or i'd
understand better.
didn't wish for us to tweak what we
were doin'.

no wishin' for anything.

i just appreciated us.

and i noticed the moment.

then gettin in the car to come home.
i happened to look over. no seat belt on

'did you ride all the way up here without
your seatbelt???'


i got out of the car, walked around to his
side. he's got that arm in a sling, ya know?
pulled the belt around him while i grumbled
about him bein' like a darn little kid.

i came back around the car and got in my seat.

he turned to me and said 'wait a minute!
i'm dating a SEVEN year old and YOU'RE tellin'
ME i'm acting like a kid??'

i started laughing.

but you're a BAD kid.

and started laughing.

and again, i noticed the moment.

i've been workin' hard on what i said i wanted
to do this year. to take the lessons of last
year and apply them.

i've been trying.
there's already been opportunities!
and so far, it's been workin' really well.
i know as soon as i say that, the tests
will get harder.....

but sittin' back tonite, after he headed home,
i thought how good it is.

and that felt good.

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