Friday, January 15, 2010

a dream walk

the coolest thing just happened!
i woke up from a walk in my dreams!!

big big smile over here.

no kidding.
i was taking THE walk of walks in my
dreams. there were dream effects,
ya know?

like it was in a childhood neighborhood
and a young adult neighborhood combined.
and it had rained so much, the street
was a river. but there was a sidewalk
right next to it! and what a gorgeous
green that river was. my gosh.

there were stars that just totally
took your breath away....and a wind that
knocked me over sometimes. i had to crouch
low to make my way down the street. real low.
and yeah, there was some scientific reason
for that.

it almost turned sour when i thought i fell
right on top of some poison ivy, but the dream
gods were good to me, and it was just oak leaves.

and i passed the most fantastic man with three
little sons. the youngest son and the dad were
goofin' with me. and i laughed and told him how
great it was to have three sons.

and just as the dream was turning to the important
topics that i needed to look at, my alarm went

i got just enough of the important topic to get
the message when i woke up.

and i woke up smilin.

i have never had a walk in my dreams before.

i smiled. acknowledged to myself i got the
message of the dream and was grateful for the

and now i'm headin' out for another....
how totally cool is that?!

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