Wednesday, February 3, 2010


i got a call from a friend i met thru bone
sighs a few years back. he'll be 89 on


eighty nine.

i told him i'll be 49 this year.
and that i keep wonderin' how i got to
be this old and asked him if he feels
that way too?

we laughed.

told him zakk just turned 18 and i groaned
about no one bein' a baby anymore.

'we're all just wearin' out.' he laughed
back with me.

and i loved him so.
first of all that he laughs with me.
he's got one great laugh.

and he's got such a sparkle about him.
i mean, he was in his eighties when he found
bone sighs and he LIKED them.

a man in his eighties liked bone sighs???
how cool is that???

as i hung up his words echoed in my head.
'we're all just wearin' out.'

no kidding.

and then i grinned.
thought of the example he is.

he's busy, he's interested in things,
he volunteers, works with his camera and
computer, he reaches out and calls me,
he cares about others, he's bright and smart
and funny and absolutely lovable.

yeah....maybe we all are wearin' out.....
but it's definitely HOW we wear ourselves out
that matters, isn't it??

happy birthday, bud.....
you are one heck of an example of how to live.

1 comment:

AkasaWolfSong said...

I don't know why but this made me cry...

Happy Birthday are a shining example for all of us!

'and that just wears me out, lol!'