Wednesday, February 3, 2010

sugar, drywall dust and inspiration

'it's like we're walkin' in a sugar bowl!' i
told him. he laughed and said 'it's too cold.'

oh, no, i told him.....sugar bowls are cold.

he turned to me. 'you've thought about this before.'

we laughed.

yo joined me for a walk this morning. too pretty
not to, he said.

it had snowed and all the trees were holding it
all. there was still snow on the ground from before,
and some new stuff now. but mostly, the trees were
holding the new stuff. adorning themselves with it.
reveling in it.

and we reveled in them.

when we got to my goodmorningworld spot, i soaked it
in. it'd been awhile since i walked up there.
look! sugar! i told him.
he grinned. 'pretty dusty looking. think it's more
like dry wall dust.'

i laughed.
yeah. makes sense. i'd be the sugar person, he'd
be the drywall dust person.

ah, the different eyes we all look out of.

we walked and talked business.
i'm inspired again.
i've taken the last two days to curl in and be quiet
and work hard and see where i am with things.

and it's done wonders for me.
we walked, talked business and i could feel the
rush inside. so many things to try and do.
so many things to tackle.

i really needed some time to myself.
what wonders that does for me.

and now a whole day ahead to grab and to mold
and to taste and to be part of.....

feels as delicious as those trees look this

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