Wednesday, February 3, 2010


i love love love that word.
and i love that trait in people.

many years ago someone in passing said i had
integrity. they said it casually, matter of

i about fell on the floor.
they had no idea that's one of the biggest
compliments you can give me.

i've lost it in some very important moments in
my life. i know it, feel regret over that....
and also determination not to lose it again.

it's one of those slippery things too tho.

cause you can have it in the big moments,
and you prolly have to have it in a lotta the
little moments to manage those big moments...
but it's the moments you don't notice one
way or another....

those are the moments i'm thinking of right now.

there's so many of them.

i want to turn to my day with integrity stamped
on my forehead. well, that doesn't work, cause then
i don't see it.
i need it stamped on my knuckles.

i want to go thru the day and watch the moments....
and touch as many as i can with love and integrity.

could be really good.

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