Wednesday, February 3, 2010


she had called to ask something about the recycling
in the neighborhood. we chatted a bit. i asked her
if her driveway was fine.

yep. no problem. it was fine. the guys didn't need
to touch it. i promised her we'd be down in the big
snow they're predicting soon. we'd shovel her out.

not much later, i ran outside to put the mail in
the box. i truly ran as i had no coat and was in
the middle of something.

as i popped the mail in, i looked down the street
and there she was, shovel in hand, clearin' off the
end of her driveway.

the plow had come thru last nite and put a little bit
at the bottom of her driveway.

i bent over and hollered loud "you crazy woman! what
ARE you doin'??'

and i ran down to go give her a hug.
i hugged her and grabbed her shovel.
scolded her for shoveling when she told me it was fine.
finished off the tiny bit that was there (she's quite
the perfectionist) and walked her recycling bin and
shovel up the driveway for her.

i was hoppin' around as i had no coat and goofin' with
her, ready to run back home when she turned to me and
told me i was her best friend.

it hit me smack in the heart.

in a good way, yeah.
but more in a sad way.
a really sad way.
and i've been carryin' it around for a few hours now.

she's in her 80's.
and yeah, we get along great and we girltalk and we
laugh and we tell each other secrets....
we do....

but that's not why i'm her best friend.

i'm her best friend cause all her friends have passed


i never thought about how much our friendship would
mean then.

i mean, i know she's lonely. so i always figured i
had to help out with that....i figured i filled a
lonely spot.

but i didn't realize i filled a best friend spot.

and i guess it's the same thing.
only with a twist i never registered before.

and it made me so sad.

and made me think of my own friends.
and i don't know....
it just hit in a thousand kinda ways.

it's nice to be there for her....
but my she must miss her friends.

really made me think.

have you told your friends how much you love
them today???


AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh my word...You're tearing me up over here...I feel like the old woman in your story...

And I'm so glad you are my friend too...a new friend but a good and treasured piece of me.

I just wanted you to know that!

I adore you! :)

Merry ME said...

If you look in a dictionary for the words "best friend" I believe the definition would be "Terri St. Cloud".

Bless you for your example.