Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hanging hearts

i decorated for valentine's day today!
i hung hearts all over my living room
and kitchen. i LOVE valentine's day
decorations....they're all hearts!

hearts everywhere. it's so darn perky.

and for the record, i have liked valentine's
day with and without a partner! it's just
a great day to tell people you love them!

so, i decorated today. and clapped when i was
done, twirled around the room and said 'it
should always look like this!'

and then he came by tonite with a dozen red

how did you know??? i squealed!
these are JUST what we need for the finishing

he smiled at my delight, ducked under a few
hearts, and then we settled in to be together.
i was telling him about my day.

it was a really good one, i told him.
lotsa really positive interactions.
even the business call i was nervous about
turned into this thing where i told the
woman how great she was and that i loved

i laughed with pleasure.

he mussed up my hair, smiled, and pulled
me close.

'of course your days are like this, ter.
you hang hearts. that's what you do with
your life. you hang hearts.'

hmmmmmm........i liked that visual.
i liked that a lot.

after i said goodnite to him, i turned back
to my hearts hangin' all over the place and
just stood and looked at them.

i hang hearts, i thought.
yeah. i hang hearts.

a long time ago my small business counselor told
me i needed one of those...oh what are they called??
is it an elevator speech?? what is it?
where you can tell someone really fast what it is
that you do.

i never could come up with anything fast enough.

think i just did.

i love this one.

and i think that's what i want to do with my life.

hang hearts.


peggi said...

terri, that's a perfect description! hangin' hearts...and chocolate snowflakes!

Qn Dani said...

oh hang hearts.

terri st. cloud
ceo heart hanger

i love the description....


Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

You also Hug Hearts!