Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i hit the magic time this morning.
i got out just before the sun came up.
ah man......it's gorgeous.

i caught different angles of the sky
and different colors coming up in different

over here was this golden winter glow....
i just stood and looked at it.
it held all the deep winter moods inside
its colors.

over here were the colors of summer just
poppiin' out all over and teasin' us....
i looked at them and laughed.
the colors reminded me of colors i'd wear
in the summer...reminded me of beaches and
popsicles and watermelon.

it was completely glorious.

two completely different moods in two different
spots in the sky. how cool.

i felt so good just looking and feeling the

i thought about being healthy.
i had exercised again this morning. feels
so good to be back at it. i've been eating
pretty good, and i just want to be healthy.

thought of how much happiness has got to play
into that.

it's got to be a huge huge factor.

i want to kinda concentrate on happiness this week.
i just decided that.

i'm pretty happy.
i walked and thought of all the things i do right.
(that's unusual....it's usually what i do wrong!)
but i thought of having a job i love, having a partner
i love, sons i love, a life i love.....all that's
gotta be good for your health, ter.

but i get stressed and sad and all that stuff.
and yeah, i know.....it's part of life.

but i think i want to concentrate on happiness this
week. kinda like a science experiment.
i want to pay attention to it, harvest it, embrace it,
encourage it, hunt it down if i have to.

i want to pay more attention to my moods and my

i know i can't be happy all the time.
but i sure can work on the worry and the stress!
and be okay with sadness.

so i just wrote happiness down on my desk.
it's gonna be my science experiment this week.....

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Merry ME said...

I don't really think you'll need this, but here's a little something to help you stay in the happy mood.