Monday, February 8, 2010

rejoicing in you!

i tried to send this card out to a whole buncha
people in my life who matter to me....but ya know,
i couldn't get everyone! but i did get a few!!!

but because of not having snail mails and about a
thousand other reasons, some of you did not get
one! so i'm putting it here for you. it may not
be in your mailbox, but it's so in my heart.

not sure if you can read this or on the
cover it says:
turning her twinkling eyes towards me,
she grinned.
i'm embracing my life! she said.
rejoicing in it!
and it just wouldn't be
the same at all
without you!

and inside it says....
just so you matter.

and just so you know.....
i mean it.


Angela Donaldson said...

I love that Terri thank you

Merry ME said...

Two Valentines from you in one day. Am I blessed or what? I'm not even sure when the heart day is. I love the way you have embraced it. Like everything you do, the holiday is full of your love energy. What special gifts you give to all of us who are privileged to know you - and probably some who don't have a clue who you are but are recipients of your love.

I'm kind of stuck on how to re-gift your passion. But I'll think of something. It may not be for Feb. 14, but when you least expect it I hope I can give you a smile and a hug.

With a heart full of gratitude