Saturday, February 6, 2010

it still's coming down!!!

the snow keeps falling.
i have never ever gotten to witness
this kinda beauty before in my whole life.

i went out before the guys this morning,
cause i just couldn't wait any longer!

as i wandered KNEE DEEP outside, a plow
came by. i swear, it was as if i was
five. i stopped and watched and waved
and waved and waved.

the guys came out just a bit after that
and we started diggin' out the driveway
and cars.

and the plow man came thru again.
this time he stopped.
i ran up to the plow to say hello.

he rolled down the window and asked
'are we having fun yet?'
he most certainly was not and figured
no one else was either.

ohmygosh yes! i hollered up at him.
and laughed.

i asked him if he was tired, and how
long he'd been goin'. and told him we
appreciated him.

he looked beat. and had been goin' for
a long time......and would be back at it
he headed off and i turned back to
the driveway.
but i got distracted.
and went to go shake a tree off.
and then another.
and then this one over here.
oh. look at this one. better get this

and before i knew it i was trudgin'
knee deep all over my back yard.
i would stand under the branches and
shake the snow off only to have it land
all over me! and i'd laugh and cackle and yell
out 'it's a double blizzard!' and laugh
some more.

i was truly carryin' on like a five year
old in my back yard.

i don't know what came over me.
it was as if i knew no one could see me and
the whole world was mine.

and i loved it.

i made my way back out front, back to my
guys in the driveway. i leaned against my
car completely outta breath.

'i do not remember when i have felt this
good before!' i announced.

i absolutely and totally love winter.
i absolutely and totally love feelin' free
and just bein'. i think snow gives me that
for some reason.

later as i looked out my kitchen window
at the tracks i had made thru the back yard,
i laughed.
definitely the tracks of a person with
attention deficit! they zig zagged everywhere!

i've now dried off, had lunch, called bob
chicken for not braving 20 inches of snow
and his unplowed road that he told me he'd
do to come see me and settled in with a cup
of coffee and some work.

and the snow keeps falling.

the beauty of winter sweeps thru me and i
can just barely stand it it's so big.

i look out my window at these white trees
and i think i am the luckiest person alive.

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Merry ME said...

Where was this 5 year old person 25 when I needed her to encourage me to see the fun and beauty of a snow storm that covered not only the streets but our car!