Saturday, February 6, 2010

snow and snow and snow again

ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!

we're havin' the most snow i do believe
i've ever seen!! it is SUCH fun!

the guys began round one of shoveling
out three neighbors that need a hand and
us. they are such good guys. that was
round one of about seven rounds, i bet.

i was a lame helper. takin' it slow and
watchin' my back. i cleared cars and trees.
kinda lame. but fun.

we finished up. thought we were headin' in
when zakk bounded over like a puppy and said
'we gonna take a walk?!"

i looked at his feet.
soakin' wet chucks.

you sure??? i asked.
and he proceeded to tell us all that chucks
really were the perfect snow boot.

goofy guy.

and so the guys and i took a walk last nite.
at one point i couldn't feel it.
is it still snowing? i asked. it was
dark, we were under the trees. i took
my hat off. i wanted to feel the storm.

i can't feel it.

zakk tried too.
he couldn't either.

we all decided we were numb and the
snow was blowin' on our backs.

when we turned the other way we could
feel it! oh! there it is! it was blowin'
ice in our faces!

i kept my hat off to 'feel the storm.'

there was a noise and everything flickered
around us! then got dark. the parking lot
across the highway lost it's power.

as we walked back, there was more flickering.
at one point the whole sky lit up from it.

maybe we're in a bad spot, i said.
and walked a little faster.

that's when it really hit me that we REALLY
might lose power and then what would we do
with our elderly neighbor? we couldn't keep
her warm.

i needed to talk to my other neighbors. it
was a little late. i hesitated. yo said
'we shoveled his driveway, you can go knock
on his door.'

i love these guys sometimes.

i went over. a light was on. it was ten
o'clock. i still knocked.

'terri! your cheeks are so red!' was the
greeting i got.

my neighbors are so good.

told him we needed a back up plan for our
elderly neighbor and he had a fireplace.
'i know it's not my place to inflict neighbors
on you.' i told him....but she's old. and
i'm not exactly sure how it works, but old
people die in this stuff.'

ever eloquent.

he has the best heart in the world and was
on it. he was our emergency back up plan.

all was right with the world.
i headed in.
looked in the mirror and gasped.

i have NEVER seen my cheeks so red.
it was as if i painted red on them like
a clown!

my hair was soaked.
and i was shivering.

and i felt so happy i could burst.

and now. we made it thru the nite with power!
the snow is still falling.
bob's gonna come over anyway and spend
the day here.

and for a little bit,life is white, beautiful
and perfect.

i could not be happier.

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