Sunday, February 21, 2010


it was intermission and a friend made her way
back to me and the guys. i hugged her big time.
hadn't seen her in soooo long. big hug.
then pulled back, looked at her, and hugged her
again. another big hug. pulled back and she said
'how have you been??!!' i responded with a
'ohhhhhhh you know...' and i fell back into
her arms and hugged her again.

and we laughed and laughed.
she understands the craze that can run thru me.
and she holds me when she hugs me and loves me.
gosh, you gotta love friends like that. some
people really know how to give a hug.

her and josh are a pair unlike no other. they
get rollin' with their crazy sense of humor and
their delight in story and entertaining.

didn't take long for them to get goin'. i was
laughin' so hard just listening to them. even
mild manner, quiet yo yo was laughin' pretty good
and commenting on how you just have to get them
started then sit back and enjoy.

at one point, i noticed we were a little loud.
i noticed someone turn around and look at us like
what IS up with you people?? ohhhh, i thought...
you can't even imagine. and went back to laughing.

it was actually not really sposed to be a big
laugh nite. it was a concert. ya know? but bein' with
the guys....laughin' at the intermission, little
jokes between songs, goofin' on the way home....
by the time we landed at the kitchen table to tell
zakk about it, we were laughin' pretty good. it was
the coolest thing. i think it even surprised zakk.
weren't we at some quiet concert??? nah.....we were
together....and it was a lotta fun. he joined in
around the table, and then if felt complete to me.

it's good good stuff.
it was a good good nite.

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