Sunday, February 21, 2010

what an evening!

i sat there in complete joy.
sitting next to two of my sons, i watched
one of my best friends offer her passion
to the crowded room. i was so proud of her.

it was her cd release concert, and it could
not have been more wonderful.

i sat way in the back, but had a great view
of her. i watched her and soaked in what she
was doing.

her voice is gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous
and she pours it out. i'm always always always
stunned at the depth and strength of it when
she does a blues or jazz song. my gosh. who
knew she had such power in her?!

i needed the inspiration a lot. i knew i
needed it and opened to it.
i talked to myself as i watched.

look at her,ter.
look how she's just letting out what's
inside of her....and how she's loving it.
look how she's touching the things inside
her and giving them voice. she's not apologetic
for them, nor is she boastful. she's just so
pleased to let it out. she's just offering with

i thought of a project i'm working on.
and how i need to go and touch in on what she's
showin' me here.

i listened and loved her. i knew the stories
behind the songs and could easily tap into the
things she was feeling. songs that totally mixed
natural images of birds and moons and woods with
her life happenings and the people in her life.
i loved the mixture. it totally captures who she
is. her heart poured out.

i was hoping she'd do that inner child song i love.
i've posted it here before. i sooooo wanted to hear
it. but she had to cover what was on her cd and some
of her other stuff. as the nite wore on, i kept hoping,
but figured it prolly wasn't gonna happen. when she
played her last song, i thought 'oh well, that's okay.
it was fabulous and i can go home and listen to my
recording of it.'

they called her back for an encore.
she introduced a song. i thought 'oh my gosh, this is
it!' i got so excited i turned to yo with my hand up,
and then i heard her announce a different song. my
hand went down into a punch into his leg. i punched it
a few times hard and then laughed. darn. oh well.
i'm sure this is nice too. and it was. real nice.

and then........and then...........her VERY VERY VERY
last song of the nite, she leans into the mike and says
'i want to put this one out there for terri.' and she
starts my song.

i handed my stack of cds i had bought to yo. i needed
to concentrate. i scrunched up my legs and held my hands
tight......and i listened. and the tears ran down my face
as she sang about finding her inner child. the tears
kept coming, she kept singing and i realized that i had
been missin' her lately. my inner child.
that i haven' connected with my inner child lately.
and i knew i had all kindsa things to do when i got home.
she had inspired me in so many different ways thru out
the nite.

she finished and the room gave her a standing ovation.

she had given her whole heart. and she had given it with
eagerness and happiness.

i clapped as hard as i could......and loved her so much.

afterwards i ran up to give her a hug and thank her for the
song. she told me she loved me. it took me by surprise. i was
the one who loved her, ya know?? i forgot about her loving me
back. funny, huh? i was so swept up in my love for her, i didn't
even think about getting it back. and there...on HER nite.....
when all she had to do was soak in the love everyone had for
her....she told me she loved me.

i felt like the luckiest person in the world.
she not only sings like the best of them.
she not only offers her soul with grace and ease.
she not only knocks your socks off with her music.
she loves me too!

how is THAT for one of the best evenings you can possibly

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Pamela Jones said...

That is totally amazing...and to have her sing your song and dedicate it to you...what a nice gift! You must still be walking on air!