Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a little laugh

okay....i'm prolly gonna offend somebody here....
but i'm gonna make someone i love laugh. and she
needs it. so i say 'let's go for it!'

living in a what sounds like pea brained, incredibly
small minded kooky rural area, she got pulled over
recently. i think she must look like a terrorist.

i know she must.
and her car...oh my gosh.....it must be scary.

they didn't like her bumper stickers.


while.....this whole ordeal totally upset her, i'm
here to help her laugh about it!

ONE of those radical bumperstickers......was......
i am quite proud to say...... A BONE SIGH ARTS bumper

saying something as radical as 'she didn't just survive
she became.'

apparently, the angry young cop demanded "became what?"

i just snorted as i typed this.
this is too incredible not to laugh.

she typed me the response she had runnin' thru her head,
but then calmly told him 'she became something more than
her illness.'

'oh. is that like cancer or something?'

oh my.

more snorting over my keyboard here.

soooooo........i am asking EVERYONE who reads this blog
to join in the fun and help my friend laugh here.

don't be mean...okay? we don't want to be as ugly as
they were to my friend.
there's no point in making more ugliness.
we want fun. we want laughter.
we want to lighten up what must have been one weirdo

WHAT did she become?

that's the question.
post your silly fun goofy answers in the comment section.
i'm going to send her over for a chuckle.

and i'm gonna think about it.
i want to join in too!!!!


Yohan said...

She didn't just survive, she became . . . a threat to the small percentage of people with an irrational fear of bumper sticker glue. (Commonly known as Adhesivphobia) In most cases Adhisivphobians turn belligerent when near the correct adhesive mixtures and only return to normal after consuming a large quantity of donuts. To protect against future encounters, it is recommended that civilians carry several dozen DD brand dounts in their vehicle at all times. A slingshot is also recommended so that the treatment can be administered from a safe range.

And as always, use caution whenever dealing with anyone afflicted with Adhesivphobia.

Meribeth said...

OK-because my mind is a little off in the clouds tonight... my first thought was... she became a butterfly and flew away to a world where everyone is treated with respect. In this world, outer beauty only becomes visible in the presence of inner beauty; defined by the goodness and authenticness of the soul. Mean spirits and small minds are not welcome in this world!

Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

She became.......A Feminist! (stealing this one) & we ALL know being a feminist is simply the radical idea that women are PEOPLE!! Shocking, eh??!!

Charlotte said...

She didn't just survive, she became...

A Dunkin' Donuts spokeswoman... ;-)

Paige said...

She didn't just survive, she became...the DD server who had so viciously cut this poor soul off from his daily dozen of jelly filled donuts.

Pot Luck Herbs said...

It was written in the prophesies of the Sighing Bones in a time before tears: There will come a day when one woman, having suffered through the Sea of Simplee Reediculos as many times as destiny decrees will come across a series of flashing lights. If these lights flash also, as many times as destiny decrees, with a cacophony of undulating sound to accompany them, and this woman be in the exact right place at the exact right time and is spoken to by a man, the magic words, she will not only survive, she will become....ElastiLady. Transforming from her mere mortal female existance she will henceforth have the power to stretch beyond time and space to reach other women in their times of need. She will no longer be subject to penetrations of evil, as her ElasticSelf will repel any such thought or attack that she may encounter. ElastiLady will be capable of contortion so as to seep into the small minds and expand them to higher understanding. All Hail ElastiLady! So it was written.

Ali said...

NotACop - kind of like RoboCop only not. Does she live in Texas? This is a routine happening of being pulled over and asked where you are going if you look like you don't belong. True Dat.

Pamela Jones said...

She didn't just survive, she became...the judge in the traffic court where radical bumper-sticker-sporting feminine terrorists faced the music...and they danced!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I came over here fully intending to leave a funny comment, but these are so good, I'm completely intimidated!

Great comments!


Patricia Michael Melnice said...

These posts are hilarious! I have nothing to add, but wanted to join you in the spirit of laughter.

terri said...

my buddy denise left this comment:
i think the story is completely radical... we should all carry your business cards for random bone sigh pull overs from the police.. she became a marketing spokeswoman for bonesigharts!

Pamela Jones said...

Business cards! Great idea. Could you get a good lawyer to put hers on the flip side?

"Bumper Got you Stuck? I can help with your sticky situations...

Call Ima Grate, Lawyer."

Sorrow said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing!
( which isn't easy cause I can't breath!)
These are Fantastic!
I need to borrow some of these lovely ladies wit!
thats it!
she did just survive! she became witty!
and her laughter cured the world!

Kay said...

She became a bit more of herself - allowing the smallness of the moment to become humorous and noticing how ridiculous it all was. A douse of laughter could have gotten her a ticket in that moment but in this moment, laughter is both the cure and her own true wisdom waiting to be tapped into.

Camille Olivia ~ said...

Geez! these are all so fabulous they've left me speechless (which is quite the feat, doncha know!). I'll give it my best shot (in the name of sheets and giggles)....She didn't just survive, she became the GiggleMuse. The Inspiration to those who forgot how to laugh at the boneheads who apparently didn't even KNOW how to laugh.

faerian said...

she became so luscious your eyes would water, so brave your knees would go weak, and so loving your tears would flow