Wednesday, February 24, 2010

mean people and stale walnuts....

a huge big thank you for everyone who participated
in the blog below! there's ALWAYS time to join in
the fun, so if you haven't yet, and you feel like
it, add a comment!

i was laughing with my sons last nite over the whole
incident that happened to my friend. (see post below)
because it was so bad you had to laugh. or else you'd
want to hit someone.

laughing's better.

i told them 'it's like the stale walnuts all over again!'

i had a dear friend who was trying to be kind to someone
and that someone was so rude to her. i witnessed it,
couldn't believe it, then used that material for years
to goof with!

my friend had made a dip that used walnuts, and this person,
who my friend had really tried to be kind to and reach out to,
continually was biting. we're at a family party and this
woman comments on the walnuts being stale.
if that isn't bad enough, throw in the horrible face
she made, doin' it in front of a crowd and stepping on
my friend's feelings.

stale walnuts, huh??

i went in the kitchen and started jokin' with my friend
about the stale escalated into multiple
answering machine messages on our home phone. if you called
for months, you would be greeted with some form of stale
walnut joke. some were pretty darn creative! complete
with a world series/stale walnut episode bein enacted on
the machine! the credit to that goes to my ex-husband.
he rocked with that kinda thing.

we hosted a stale walnut party......complete with the
traveling 'walnut of shame' that got hung on you during
various points in the evening. we even had fortune walnuts!

josh hosted his very own stale walnut party with his
teen age friends....and i believe he even made a yahoo
group with his friends....the stale walnut fraternity!

oh my gosh. the memories here are making me laugh.
sometimes people suck.
and sometimes the only thing to do with that, is goof
with it and make it a party!

stale walnut anyone?

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