Wednesday, February 24, 2010


so a gallery i work with is gearin' up for a woman's
art show. the theme is 'celebrate womanhood.'
i'm fortunate enough to get to join in!

they're posing a question to everyone:
'what does womanhood mean to you?'


i have no idea.

i just know i like it.
and i'm really really glad i'm not a guy.

hmmmmm......but more than that?
i don't know.

so i wrote it down for me to ponder. cause i like
good questions.

and i don't know yet. haven't figured it out.
but as i was making my bed this morning i thought
about trees. and how i think women are like trees.
no wonder i like trees so much!

i thought of their deep and entangled
into the strong.....i thought of how
they can be so darn profound standing there thru
every season, handling all the weather that comes
their way. bending when it's difficult, but standing
up again. different life nests in them and finds
their shelter there. their arms reach up to the
sky in prayer and soak in the sun. they provide
shade for people to rest in. there's a profound
silence about them and when the wind rustles their
leaves there's this gorgeous hushy whisper. if you
listen to their depths, you will know you're hearing
something sacred. i love trees. i always tease i
used to be one in a past life.

who knows? maybe i was. but so far, that's all i've
come up with.....womanhood means bein' a tree.


hmmmmm......think i'll keep thinking.........


Camille Olivia ~ said...

this is the most profound and beautiful thing I've ever heard (about womanhood). And it sooooo resonates with me. You already know how much I, too, love trees. And for years I have imagined myself one too. Now, as I read this, I can feel the goosebumps rising on my skin...and that huge grin is spreading across my face. You are incredible!

Merry ME said...

I'm having this vision of the woman (in the post below) being this big beautiful tree driving down the road. She must be in a red convertible because all her leafy branches are sticking out the top. Not sure what kind of tree but something you'd want sit under and rest when you're weary.

Can't you just see a tiny little acorn, sprouting into a huge oak tree with "woman" written all over it? And when the cop asked what did you become, the wise woman just looked at him incredulously and asked back, "you tell me."

I've also had a vision of Sorrow's tree painting.

Yeh, I totally get that womanhood and trees go together.