Sunday, February 28, 2010

pam's comment

pam is someone i'm getting to know more and more
and treasuring more and more. she left a comment
on the blog below this one....i read it and nodded
all the way thru it.......

i'm re-posting it here as it's gorgeous and it's
a great lead in to a bone sigh i wrote awhile ago
....and i wanted to share.....

Sometimes the really beautiful souls in this world --
the ones who don't want to hurt another soul --
allow other people to pile garbage on top of their beauty
until they (we) are buried under something that looks
like anything but the beautiful they really are.
It feels dark and lonely under that pile of debris,
and it makes it really hard to see the light that
still shines on us and fuels our own heart-light.
I hope your friend will know that the garbage is
only ON her and isn't who she IS. Sending out
love and light to remind your beautiful friend to
trust who she really is.

wow, pretty awesome, pam. thank you.
when i read it, it reminded me of a bone sigh.
i went diggin' and found it.....

the colors came back

one after another they came and lay their
heavy gray blankets upon her...
finally, the weight and the gray became too much.
thru her tears, she gave up and asked for help.
it was then that the colors came back.

i don't think that's a knock your sox off bone
sigh or anything..i'm sharin' it because
i remembered it and was excited to recall that
time in my life. because it was when i finally
realized i couldn't do it on my own, when i finally
just gave up, looked at the sky and said 'help me.'
that things changed.....

i wanted to throw that out for my friend.......
don't forget you're not the garbage being heaped on
you, you're not the gray blankets....
you are not the weight of all that they're placing
on you.
and ask......ask.........ask..........for help.

it'll come.


Pamela Jones said...

awwww...Terri...many many hearts for (once again) knowing exactly what I mean! GMTA (great minds think alike) and GHSA (great hearts shine alike)

I love you, sis

AkasaWolfSong said...

I think you both ignite the world with your bright shining flame...and I had to giggle a little as right beside all these awesome sighs is the writing for Keely...which says it all!

Wishing you Ter, and you Pam, and all the other women out there who need a little air to fan the flaming spark of who you are a whole lotta are everything beautiful! Just the way that you are!

And...I think you are incredible!