Monday, March 1, 2010

a little bit overwhelmed....

my heart was on overload this morning as i walked.
a whole lot jammed into a few days here. i'm sure it
will tumble out thru the blogs...

but as i walked, i felt almost knocked into another
place by a string of happenings. the topper was a note
in my email box this morning. someone understood me.
i mean, really really understood me. that topped off
me seeing myself real clearly this weekend, and bob
understanding something so deep inside of me and putting
it out there crystal clear.

mixing all that together, it kinda overwhelmed me.

there's so much inside each of us that is crying to be
acknowledged, seen, understood, and affirmed.....

those parts that got so hurt, those parts that need
such careful holding......when they're touched with incredibly healing that is.

so healing, that i'm overwhelmed.

i took out that part of me that i keep locked up....
and i held it this morning....and i felt compassion for
myself.....and i was gentle with myself....and i was sad
for the hurt....

and it felt so right to be tender with myself.

here's the thing tho....the overall feeling is okay.
i'm okay.

a real strong feeling of IT'S OKAY.

it's not just words, i'm sayin'. there's a real deep
feeling of it's okay.


touch that part, know that part needs love and caring....
but also know that part is the part that has made me strong.
that part is central to who i am.
that part is needed, and get this......wanted.
i want that part of me.
because it doesn't bring me holds me up.

it gives me depth, it gives me compassion, it gives me
understanding, it gives me tons.

i wouldn't trade that part.

for anything.

and i'm just feelin' way overwhelmed that i actually made
it to this spot.....

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Pamela Jones said...

Closing my eyes and seeing you cradling the beautiful center of who terri is. There is light radiating from your folded arms, and as it shines, your face lights up in its glow.