Saturday, February 13, 2010

something to shoot for

comfort zones.
i like those.

i can get real snuggly cozy inside them.
and i can see how that can shrink you so

steppin' outta them on purpose....
i need to do that more.

a lot more.

i'm steppin' out in several different ways
this weekend. which is a good thing.
but i've been squriming a bit about it.

and i think the key is obvious. if i'd just
pay attention........

don't make it all about me, for pete's sakes.

loose the me.
step into the all.
and then it's one heck of a grand dance.

and i think that probably works always, all the time.

step into the all.

what a great way to look at it.

oh man, if i could wake up every day thinking that....

gotta go find my 'steppin' into the all' shoes and
lace them up.

i guess that would be dancing shoes.

how's this for something to shoot for.....

'she laced her dancing shoes every day, opening her
heart as she did so. stepping into the all, she
kicked up her feet, touched the stars, and danced
with life.'

putting shy and comfortable on the table today.
i got something to shoot for.


Sorrow said...

I stepped out too, took a very long drive to sit and have tea and conversation with some one I have not seen in to long.. it was good,
way good , but i really had to step out of the comfort thing.. Phewww
glad to be back in my nest..
Tip toeing thru it

Verity Vaudeville said...

It mostly feels like a tightrope stretched neyond itself like elastic between the two. I make myself walk the plank because if i didn't something would only get there first and shove me off. Comfort zones just lead to muscle cramps and bed sores, and an underwhelming sense of exhausted. I suppose they are easy to maintain as they are a solitary pursuit and since you are you, it's not like you have to impress or be the best version of yourself.