Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day!

when i was young, i would wait around hoping some
guy would give me a valentine.
well, he wouldn't.
and i would mope.
i really didn't like the day very much.
it felt more like a 'why won't anyone pick
me' day. then a day about love.

i've grown up a lot.
and realize i can go get my own darn valentine
for myself and i can show myself and all the
people around me love.

it's not about waiting for some guy to show
me he cares. it's not about being picked or
belonging to someone else.

i've had valentine's days with a significant
other. i've had them without. i've had them
with a full heart and with a broken heart.
and something i know is this.......
it's a day to celebrate love. and even with
a broken heart..or a lonely heart...
there is love around you. you just need to
reach out to it.

it's not about being picked or belonging to
someone. it's about knowing you count. loving
yourself, and spreading love all around your

i believe strongly in this.
because i think it's a day we can get out of
ourselves and make our worlds better.
it's a day we can deliberately take the time to
tell ourselves we matter to ourselves and to
tell the others in our lives they matter to us.

it's a day that we can GIVE love.
and in the giving.......we will get so much more
than we could have imagined.

if you're waiting around for someone to give you
a valentine, maybe your lookin' in the wrong spot.
maybe it's YOU that needs to do the giving....

sending love to every single one of you.
happy valentine's day!