Monday, February 15, 2010

stirred up....

maybe it was the asking other women about
their mid life experiences that stirred things
up in me. i don't know. but i'm stirred up
again. and my's not the most secure
feeling in the world.

interestingly enough, i found the midlife book
the guys had given me for christmas yesterday.
i had forgotten about it.

after a few nites of wicked weird dreams,
i picked it up this morning in desperation,
i found some great lines.....

midlife is 'a time when persons are going through a
fundamental shift in their alignment with life
and with the world, and this shift has psychological
and religious meaning beyond the interpersonal and
social dimensions. midlife is a crisis of the spirit.'

i nodded and read on.

'the soul slips out of confinement and demands to
be seen, loved, honored. it must, too, be feared
for its insistence and its determination to live
and be granted the glory it is owed.'

ohmygosh, yes.
and i read on.

'when the soul awakens at midlife and presents its
gifts, life is permanently marked by the inclusion
of them. taken in, they become the hallmark of your
life, the core of your uniqueness. refused, they
can haunt your days and may undermine all your


why is it i can tell this guy's a man?? he's
freakin' me out a bit here.


at the same time,i so needed to read that this morning.

it's from the very beginning pages of a book called
'in midlife' by murray stein.

and once again my insides are all stirred up.....

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Qn Dani said...

For me, midlife hasn’t been about a “crisis of spirit” as much as it’s been about finding a “clarity of spirit”. It’s been a reward for the life I’ve lived (so far) - definitely not a ‘time out’ in the penalty box!

I have been able to reconnect to the spirit that was always within me but got lost in the drama (mine and others) of my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. My spirit is the spirit I have always had, but now refined, tempered, and matured. I love the freedom of being able to live it without guilt, drama, apology or (ok – most days) struggle. I love the empowerment of looking back over my life and seeing the successes over the perceived failures. I love the simplicity of being over the complexity of doing. Midlife? Oh yea….bring it on! I’ve earned every single glorious day of it!!