Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what i'd tell them/what i'd tell me...

two different guys were on my mind this morning.
one is runnin' fast and furious away from his
life, the other frustrated me so much, that i
found myself calling him a jerk in my mind.
'jerk' is one of the harshest things i ever call
anyone. i noticed it and wondered about it.

so i hopped on my treadmill and took these two
guys with me in my head.

what would i tell them if they could hear me?

to the first guy, i would tell him to stop runnin'.
just stop. take a rest. breathe. and turn around.
to trust that he can handle it, that it's a gift,
and tho it may be hard to face some things, he'll
get so much out of doin' that. and i'd remind him
that we only get so much time...don't fill it with

to the guy i dubbed jerk, i would tell him to get
the heck out of himself. to reach beyond himself,
to see the beauty around him, and to step into it.
to offer something to someone. to see others. to
make his world way bigger than the tiny thing he's
shrunk it to. i'd remind him it's a gift.

mmmmmmm.....i kept walkin'...........and listened
to what i had to tell these guys. mmmmmmmm.....
maybe i needed to hear all this too. the gift part.
the recurring theme.
it's a gift.
you only get so much time.
don't fill it with running.
reach beyond yourself and make your world bigger.
it's a gift.

that's a pretty darn good message.
i thought of my day.
i was a little nervous about it.
i've been in a wobbly mood.
it can make some moments tough.

but then i started thinking about what i had to say
to these guys. really hearing it. really holding it.
what does that mean, ter?
what are you gonna do with your day?

i want to hold it like the sacred gift that it is.

interestingly enough, eating came to mind.

i make a protein milkshake for breakfast.
guzzle it down so i can do some school stuff with
zakk. about i pour that drink into a
beautiful cup, and how about i sip it?
and how about i think about everything i put in my
mouth today and not just mindlessly shove it in.
how about i think of the nutrients i need, and not
the sugar i want. interesting all that came up
for holding the day sacred.

okay. i can do that.
and in doing that, i can be reminded over and over
again that it's a gift. and i can keep holding the
day as just that.

looks like these guys this morning helped me out.
go figure.

there's goodness everywhere.
if you we just look for it.


peggi said...

Uh oh! I wish that I had read this BEFORE I ate the leftover fasnachts from yesterday! Oh well, as Scarlett would say, tomorrow is another day!

Pamela Jones said...

Thanks for writing this, Terri...may your day be sacred in so many ways! Now I understand why that gift you're holding on Facebook is so sparkly!

Love you!!!


AkasaWolfSong said...

Indeed there is Ter...the sacredness of each moment, and each gift, so empowering if we can see it. I'm so happy you saw yours! <3