Tuesday, February 16, 2010

kinda interesting.....

yesterday i posted about feelin' crazed and
then seeing my heart thru out the years and
seein' that it was the same and how that
calmed me down a bit.

didn't know why. just knew it did.

well, last nite i read this.....

'in the state i am calling psychological
liminality, a person's sense of identity
is hung in suspension. you are no longer
fixed to particular mental images and contents
of yourself or others. the 'i' is caught
up in a field that it cannot control, whose
patterns it does not recognize as 'me.'
while the sense of 'i-ness' and some of its
continuities remain during liminality, the
prevailing feeling is one of alienation,
marginality and drift.'

ohhhhhhhh yeah.
i nodded.
i know that one.

and then i thought of how i tried to hang
on to that heart thought i had all day yesterday.
how my heart was the same.
that thought.

i kept goin' back to it all day.

putting it into context of what he just said,
i could see how it would be comforting.

i thought that was so cool.
and maybe a good tool when i'm feeling that
'drift' feeling.

hang on to your heart, ter.
it's something to hold.

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