Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a passing fit

sometimes i really do want to throw a little
kid fit. i really do.

i want people to stay in my life until i say
it's okay for them to leave, darn it.
and i want SOME things to be perfect. i really

i thought that this morning as i reminded myself
that nothing is perfect.


well plllllllllhhhhhhhhhhhppppppppppppp.........
i want some things to be perfect.
and i just felt like stampin' my feet.

and then i thought about that.
do i?
do i really?

what do i want to be perfect?
my relationships? with my sons? with my guy?
with my girlfriends? nahhhh i guess i don't.
cause those bumps we all hit, those do good
things. hard. tiring. but good.
and i guess i wouldn't trade them off for a
perfect bump free road.

want work to be perfect?
nahhh i guess not. the struggle with work has
done powerful things for me. i wouldn't give
that back for anything.

and on i went.....

the only thing i could think of that was perfect
and i wanted to be perfect was 'love.' and yeah,
you can substitute 'god' in there or whatever
word you like.

i use love.
and part of the perfection of pure love is that
imperfections don't matter.

then i got dizzy.
cause i got into things like the imperfections are
perfection and things like that and my head just
about exploded.

where i left it is this.......
not perfect is okay.
i'm okay with that.

the fit passed.

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