Tuesday, March 2, 2010

connections, dying and mattering....

i met a friend this weekend. we've only known each other
online and from a few phone calls. she was in town. we
hooked up. her husband, two of my sons and i.

she's dying. and we knew we both wanted to meet while
we had the chance.

it was incredible. i knew her the moment i saw her.
and i just loved her. there was a lot of chit chat for
awhile....and then we got to really talking. about dying.
and about some of her struggles.

my sons were right there talking with her. her husband
was so present and involved. the love around that table
was so strong, you could just hold it.

at one point, i looked across the table and i felt like
i could just tumble down into her eyes. i felt so close
to her.

i can't imagine the struggles she goes thru. but i watch
the grace she carries herself with. and i am in awe.

we talked of the illness being unfair and there's no question
about it, i think it sucks. and it makes me so sad. and i wish
i could take it away from her.

at the same time.....it handed us a gift this weekend.
and i don't want to ignore that.

there was something really deep goin' on at that table.
and sharing it with her, and her husband and my sons is
something i will always carry around with me.

we are all part of each other. we are all connected in
ways i don't understand. and i felt it, knew it, and treasured
it this weekend.

i will carry her always in my heart.
and that little meet up for coffee will be a memory i have

we all so matter, don't we?


Merry ME said...

yes, my friend, we do.
what a gift for your friend to share time with you and your boys. that probably did more her than all the medicines in the world.

Pamela Jones said...

What an honor to be allowed into the space of someone who has no other choice but to live each moment with vigor. How wonderful that you managed to meet.

Feeling warm and fuzzy...

AlmightyHeidi said...

AWESOME..really awesome!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Wow...how profound and how humble and honoring all at once.

Anonymous said...

Terri, I didn't have any words yesterday when you wrote this. Don't today either. Just wanted to say...yes. We do all matter infinitely. Bless you.

faerian said...

we so matter... love to that family and that gracious woma