Thursday, March 11, 2010

creative friends

a friend left me a message just a bit ago....
thanking me for some music i gave her and said
she plays it while she paints.

i smiled.

i have the most creative friends!

painters, and singers, and songwriters and poets,
and reiki masters and writers and sculptors and
photographers and gardeners and yoga teachers....

it's the coolest thing.

and then i smiled more. cause i could picture
some of my friends shrink a little and say 'oh yeah,
but not me. i'm not creative.'

silly friends.

so not true.

you just haven't proclaimed it out loud yet.

one wants to write, one wants to play music, one
wants to grow incredible gardens, one loves to

it's all art. it's all creative. passion is art.
what is your passion?

we just gotta own it! it's in all of us!

1 comment:

Pamela Jones said...

I think we get hung up on not feeling creative unless someone forks over $$ for what we do. If that happens, what a great bonus! If not, creativity is its own end -- and we support it with $$ from other sources. Nice affirmation!