Thursday, March 11, 2010

a tea break

she stopped in for tea. she brought me a plant and
wanted to check in on me.

there is nothing like girlfriends.

we talked.
i hadn't shared any of my dreams in a long time.
just been keeping them to myself. but now, i kinda
let them pour out.

and i could hear all the hesitation and fear and
self doubt.

she even looked at me and said 'do you hear yourself??'

'this may be a two cup visit.' she said. 'we may need
another cup just to figure out what's goin on here.'

and we laughed.

and we talked.

and we talked of putting ourselves aside. that when
we can get away from it being about us, and look at
it as an offering, how we can give things then.

she told me what it was like when she shared her music
and how she felt about it.

i watched her face as she talked.
lit up and full of spirit.

when we offer ourselves, that's what happens.
we light up and fill with spirit.

i'm thinking there's no other reason you need than
that to step away from the self doubt and offer what is
inside of you.

you'll light up and fill with spirit.

so, i gotta do that!

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