Tuesday, March 16, 2010

find happiness with yourself

ohhh what a great spring morning!
the clouds were just so thick and heavy.
i watched them and thought yeah...yeah...
that's how i feel.....

they were gray and bulging and full of the
threat of rain.

yeah, yeah, that's how i feel, i thought.

i walked and felt the breeze on my face.

a thought ran thru my head.

'find happiness with yourself.'

that was it.

i had gotten on the treadmill a wee bit
crazed this morning. walked the craze out
and then goofed a little on face book which
makes me laugh, paid some bills which makes
me sigh with relief, and headed out feelin'
way better.


i can do that, i thought.

i walked and felt what a beautiful morning
it was. how lucky i was to be out in it.

my foot landed on something and there was
this dramatic sound. i looked down to see what
had happened.

i had squashed a glass bottle with my heel.

ohhhhhh........my foot was fine. i had my
ol' lady walkin' shoes on. my stomach kinda
flip flopped as i thought of what would have
happened to my heel if i didn't.

gratitude for these goofy shoes filled me.

'terri....silly.....if you didn't have these
goofy shoes on, you woulda had others on. you
woulda been fine in any case. and you never
woulda stepped on it barefoot' this voice
scoffed at me.

hmmph. i threw back my head in defiance.
my old lady walkin' shoes saved my heel.
i'd be bleedin' all over the street right now
and i'm grateful i'm not. SO THERE.

i looked up at the clouds.
they were lightening up.

like me.
i could feel myself lightening up.

and ohmygosh.....they started to fill with

like me!
i could feel myself filling with color.

find happiness with yourself, i thought.

i can do that.

it's gonna be a good day.....

1 comment:

Pamela Jones said...

Oh, yeah! I caught that cloud symphony this morning, too! And the ground is so green after all that rain! Good times!