Monday, March 15, 2010

the little things...

he just came up with his arm full of boxes.
i opened the door wide and gave him a big ol'
'how you doin'?!'

'wassup blondie' he grins back.

he wanders in and plops the boxes down.
i asked how he was. he groaned about monday.

i nodded vigorously.
'is there something in particular about this
monday?' i asked sincerely, cause there's a
ton i want to do and i feel like i'm moving
under a pile of molasses.

'it sucks.' he said. 'weekend's over.'

and i laughed.
nodded and said i was with him.
altho, i really like mondays.

he wandered off we both turned back to our
days smiling.

got a note from my small business counselor.
apparently he was discussing me and bone sighs
in his 'working with creatives' workshop.

i laughed. told him he made creative people sound
like aliens....joked about that and laughed with
him on this end of the computer. i pictured him
smiling back.

i sat back and thought of the little laughs during
the day. and then i remembered the great hello
on my walk this morning. the guy actually rolled
down his window in the rain to give me a big ol'

i laughed and waved back.

i looked at him drive away and thought what a light
he was in the gray morning.

i watched his truck pull up the street and i thought
he has no idea what a light he is.

it's all those moments.
all those tiny, you don't think twice about them,
moments. the laughs, the smiles, the waves.

i love those things.
i just love those things.

today i'm feelin' a bit all over the place. and those
things center me. they make me feel good, they remind
me of what counts.

it's the little things......


Merry ME said...

your blog is one of the BIG things in my day!

Camille Olivia ~ said...

ain't that the truth! love this one, ter. got me grinnin' from ear to ear. thanks!