Monday, March 15, 2010

a certain glow....

so i actually spent time in my shower thinking about
this. the time change. okay. i figured it out. it was
going to be lighter earlier! so i set my alarm earlier
so i could celebrate by taking an early walk!

i swear, i truly gave this a lot of thought.


first problem was i set my alarm time for pm and not am.

then when i heard zakk's alarm go off, way past the time
i had set mine to, i hopped right up. oh no! i missed
the early light!



oh no.

darn i got it wrong.


darn these people! i have to adjust to this stupid daylight
savings time thing and i don't get it lighter earlier?? they
care about the other end of the day??? darn these people.

and guess it.......i STILL managed to
miss the light coming up. it's rainy, and not exactly definite
when it's getting light. i still got out too late....

so okay.

my steel trap of a technical mind seems to need some WD40 this
but that didn't stop me from taking on life's questions.

i went out with a tiny question on my mind.

what exactly is love anyway???

oh no.

not again.



i'm thinking about love again.

i got a note from someone telling me about their
marriage split up. ah, memories.

i have no right to, but i'm going to write her back
and remind her that loving someone is setting them free.

i thought a lot about that this morning.

i remembered my own stuff. and the visual of a moth
being cupped in someone's hands fluttering and fluttering
to get out and all their little wing powder gettin' knocked
off, came to me.

i picked 'moth' as they're small and i could see it cupped
in a hand....butterfly woulda worked. altho, i didn't know i
was one then.

cupping your hands around someone and holding tight isn't love.

now, i'm not sayin' this woman in the note is doin' that.
i just remembered having that done to me. and i want to tell
her so she can think about what love is.

so i thought about all this.
and i remembered reading that love is about spiritual growth.
yours or theirs or both of yours.

if i really think about that, and really hold that true,
it takes certain hurdles and changes the way they look.
okay, it prolly takes all the hurdles and changes the way
they look.

how about it's all about spiritual growth?

how about that?

certainly does cast a certain glow on the day.....
with or without daylight savings time.


Pamela Jones said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks we get shortchanged in the AM at DST! Great minds...

Merry ME said...

I am so not a morning person. Even on a good day I seldom see the sun rise!

Thinking about love is definitely a great way to start the day. Loving is even better. That's what you do with your blog. You share your ideas, light, humor, questions, feelings but mostly love.

Indie said...

What a beautiful reminder of all that love really means.

I will be back!