Sunday, March 14, 2010

curling in...

i find myself in a funky mood this morning.
i wandered around my studio and read the notes
i have hanging all over my walls. some make
me laugh, some make me cry, one made me ache,
all touched me. that's why they're there.

pushing me further, encouraging me, holding me.

gonna shut off the world and turn inward today...


Merry ME said...

Know wherever you are that you are loved and blessed.

Pamela Jones said...

Pleasant journey!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Holding you close in Sisterly Love Ter....sometimes we have to shut off all external 'stuff' so that we can what you have to do Ladybug and we shall see you on the flipside!

I love ya big!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Know thyself... And you do almighty ter.. You do.. Celebrate it.. Good , bad this has brought you to today and I'm sure glad I know you today!!!

Indie said...

Hi, I am just finding my way here via other blogs.

I truly love your work!


You can find me here
and most recently,

faerian said...

we'll be here when you get back ((((((((((Terri))))))))))))