Saturday, March 13, 2010


what a mixed up combination of things inside
me this morning as i watch the rain come down.

i got to a good spot inside and am excited to
conquer the world. and then i heard about her

i'm hoping the news is all wrong. and that's
possible. the messenger gets mixed up. and
maybe the news is mixed up.

i tried to contact her and find out. didn't
work. i'm still waiting to hear.

so in the back of mind, and sometimes right
in the front of my mind, she's there.

i woke up slowly this morning. laying in bed
i just lay there and slowly opened my eyes.
my hair was hanging in front of my face making
a shadowy curtain for my eyes as i looked at
the dimly lit room.

i looked thru the curtain of my hair and
just lay still thinking of her. wondering how
she was. wondering what she was thinking.

after i heard the news yesterday, i wrote a
friend about living life with two feet in.

i'm filled with it.
now, tho, it's almost a panic. and i know that's
not right.

i watch the rain fall and try to steady myself.

we have no idea how long we're here. and as far
as i can tell, it's gonna feel too short no matter

two feet in, ter.
not in a panicked kinda way.
no. that's not good.

two feet in in a trusting, kinda way.

more determined than ever this morning....
and a little wobbly too.


Pamela Jones said...

If you were really sick, you would savor each moment as a gift laid at your feet. The real blessing is to own that feeling when you're well, and to embrace each moment as the opportunity it is for bringing beauty to the world -- whether through your work or through your friendship and support of the people you love. It's a choice -- every moment. Two feet in! I like that!

Merry ME said...

Prayers for healing going in "her" direction. May she be surrounded by love and light and know that she is not alone in her fear. Universal hearts seek to comfort.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Prayers and good energies being sent for 'her' Dear Heart...

Always in Divine Love...