Thursday, March 4, 2010

happy birthday pop!

here's really big news for me!
it's my dad's birthday today.
and i'm doin' great!

two years ago, i crumbled.
which is okay.
it's okay to crumble.

i crumbled and i binged.
i had been eating healthy all year,
and i just fell apart that day.
and i binged my little heart out.

last year i got real mellow and wondered
what i could do to honor my dad's memory.
and i tried real hard to be more of who i
was that day. i missed him a lot.

today i've been feelin' rockin' good.
i smiled, tossed off a 'happy birthday, pop!'
and have been doin' all kindsa stuff i needed
to do today.

all the while feeling like i don't need to
try right now....that i'm honoring him today
cause i am feeling really good about where i'm
at. and i'm living who i am.

in fact.....i told a secret today to a friend.
and you know what???
i think i'm gonna tell it right here.
cause i feel so darn good today.
and it can be a birthday thing....

i made a decision recently.

for me, a very big one.....

i want to be a writer.


go figure.

and i'm workin' on a book.
and i like doin' it.

i haven't really said that around yet.

how cool is that???

my dad was a writer.

a technical dry kinda writer. we couldn't
be more worlds apart with our styles.

but ya know what?
i'm okay with that!

because there's valid places for both styles.


look at that.

there's valid places for both styles.
for all styles.

and today, i feel real good about livin' my
own style.

how totally awesome darn cool is that??

happy birthday, pop.
i honor your memory with my happiness today.

and that feels so good....


Pamela Jones said...

What a nice birthday tribute to your pop! We parents all hope that our kids will be their own people; but secretly we hope they'll take a little bit of us along, too! Good for you deciding to declare your writingness! How exciting that you're writing!

Merry ME said...

If anyone can write a book that will sell a million copies and then appear on Oprah it is you my beloved friend.

Happy birthday to your pop. You honor him by your light and love.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh this just makes me smile so darned huge! :) Cuz when I look at you all that I see is 'writer!'

You have a style that fits no other on earth...

Well, that is not entirely true I guess...we all know what an inspiring, uplifting, sensitive, gentle, kind, compassionate, motivating, firm, warrior spirit woman you are...

Go get 'em Ter! You are bound for success and I agree with Merry ME!!!!

Happy Birthday Pop! I know you are so darned proud of your Daughter!