Friday, March 19, 2010

it's a party!

oh! oh! oh! i'm so excited.
we're having a party!!!

grab your party hats, something fun to munch
on, and some dancin' music! let's all
have a party!!!

okay. here's the deal.
one of the most lovely women on the planet
got married this week!!!

i didn't say anything cause i wasn't sure how
private it all was and i was just being reserved,
ya know?

reserved is REALLY hard for me. it truly is a
gift when i give it. cause i HATE reserved!!!

i just saw she announced it in her blog!
and THEN a mutual friend announced it in HER blog
and started a party rollin'! OH YES!

we're celebrating mary!

AND! i THINK it's mary's birthday today. it's
either today or yesterday. i got so excited
reading dani's blog that i didn't have the
attention span to figure that out. i figured
who cares???? it's close enough no matter what!

mary's been thru a whole lot lately. a whole lot.
and now it's time to reach for some good things,
and enjoy the love she's got with mister jack!
who, by the way, is an awesome cool handsome guy
who i totally approve of!

it's times like this i know the romantic in me
hasn't died, cause i got so happy for them!
and it's a wedding! that's stretching me a bit...
but they are just perfect for each other. and
they look so darn beautiful, and they got married!!!

let's all take a minute and think of one of our
most wonderful romantic moments and smile and hold
it and wish mary and jack a life time full of those.

i know life isn't all romance..........but it sure
would be nice if it was!!

for today, we'll celebrate romance, love between
people that weathers the storms, beautiful friends,
and cake.

both birthday and wedding cake!

here's to you, mary!
toasting your beauty!

and to you, jack! toastin' your heart!

may you honor yourselves and each other and
the love you share every day of your life...

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

What a beautiful tribute!
Smiling and crying at the same time!
I am blessed.