Thursday, March 25, 2010

ogden and pam, pam and ogden

i think i must have pointed pam out before...
but if i haven't, it certainly is time to.
and if i have, well, what the heck, she's
worth pointing out more than once! so go
check out pam's blog when you get a chance!

i really have come to love this woman. she's
full of wisdom and fun all at the same time.
she's a friend on face book and she let loose on
an ogden nash roll yesterday! she had me laughing
all day as i kept reading these great poems
she'd post.

she inspired me to go find my ogden nash book
i had as a kid. i can't believe how i found it
so easily. right there. pretty dusty. but right
there. i opened it up, it's falling apart and
the whole thing is yellowed. it's been awhile.

but i took it out and just loved reading it
again. i hadn't realized, but my mom actually
had exposed me to a fair amount of poetry as a
kid. she loved poetry. so i had poetry books that
she'd read to me and such.

and then i think she found this book at a garage
sale or something. it was used when i got it a
million years ago!

and my all time ever favorite poem was written by
ogden nash.

look at itsy bitsy mitzy!
see her figure slim and ritzy!
she eats pizza!
greedy mitzi!
she no longer itsy-bitsy!

i loved that as a kid. and i could actually remember
it so it stayed with me. that one and the one about
the old woman who swallowed a fly (who i have no idea
who wrote) remember that one???

anyway.....if you don't know ogden nash, you really
want to. and if you do know him and want to get a
refresher in his crazy mind, pam sent me a link to
a site
that has a free e-book download of some of
his poems. i haven't gotten mine yet. but i will before
the end of the day!!!

figured it be fun to spread some ogden and sme pam today!

ya know, with a name like ogden, he had to have an outlet!
it makes sense............

toastin' poetry in all its forms!


Pamela Jones said...

May I just point out that one might "spread" Ogden, but Pam is usually sprayed.

Lovin' the Nash-man!

Merry ME said...

I don't know much about poetry in general, or Ogden Nash in particular.
But I've come to love Pam's blog, her photos, her wisdom, her humor. I am particularly fond of the 36500 words blog. I check it out every morning and have not once been disappointed. In fact I'm hoping she's going to make it into a book.

Great Shout Out's, Miss Ter.