Thursday, March 25, 2010

wiggle your nose

we were sittin' on her back porch admiring the day.
just gorgeous out.
she lives two doors down. we have a neighbor
between us. but you can see my yard from her yard.

we look over at this big ol' branch that got broken
on my trees in the winter storms. i hadn't even
noticed it.

'wow. look at that!' i said.

she said that was always the tree she looked at and
thought i should decorate for christmas. it's this
huge evergreen that i could never get up high enough
to decorate. we both laughed.

and then she made the cutest comment. like she was
a little girl. and she said we could just wiggle our
noses and the branch would get fixed. and then she
told me she's seen 'bewitched' on television.

i looked at her amazed. how can a woman in her eighties
be so like a little girl sometimes?

'wouldn't it be great if you got that magical power
when you turned eighty?' i asked her. 'you could just
wiggle your nose and you could move things, and fix things
and clean things.'

her entire body lit up for a moment.
it lit up so bright i was taken aback.

she LOVED the idea.
and her whole body just reacted.

it was the cutest moment. and such a sad moment at the
same time.

man, i wish i could give her that.
i so wish i could give her that.

i see her slowin' down a lot lately.
and i know it's the cycle and the way of life.

i think it sucks tho.

and it makes me sad.

and if i could, i'd give her that in a heartbeat.


AkasaWolfSong said...

She's got a friend in you Terri and that is the magickal beautiful, beauty of it all. :)

Giving you both a hug!

Sheryl said...

That is the most beautiful thought. If only we could bottle that up and sprinkle some of those wishes into the drinking water. People everywhere would be doing these spontanious wonderful things for other people...OTHER PEOPLE! Not hold onto it for ourselves but give those wishes away. My mum is 80. Oh to see her like a little girl again...She had a hard life. I wonder if she was a litle girl in her heart for very long. Maybe in her dreams she remembers and giggles in her sleep.
Thanks Terri. Your writing means so much to me. Keep going. We're here with you x