Thursday, April 22, 2010

back away from the dysfunctions....

i've written about victims before.
it's a great word.
an empowering word.

when i find myself in the victim role,
i can see it, label it and choose to let
go if i want to.

sometimes i like to hang on to it a bit.
but not for too long.
i certainly don't want a life of it!

and i had this weird idea that no one did.

why i keep thinking everyone thinks like me
is beyond me.

i love pottery.
therefore everyone else must, right?

i remind myself a lot with that example.

cause i honestly honestly cannot comprehend NOT
liking pottery. but i know there really are people
out there who don't.

well.......that's true for a lotta things, isn't it?

i spent a lotta energy tryin' to teach someone i
know not to be a victim.

he claimed he didn't want to be one.

oh great!
i thought, i'll just show him the ropes and he'll
be all set. i've been to class on this in my own
life and have learned a lot! i can tell him!


there i go tryin' to educate the world again.....

he's made it very clear to me that he wants to live
the victim role. he denies it with his words...and
yet lives it to an extreme.

so when i got a note from him telling me how thoughtful
i was with his gifts i just gave him,
and that he sucked at being thoughtful....
well......part of me wanted to put my hand thru the monitor
and grab his neck.

i choose to just write a line telling him that being
thoughtful was work for everyone...
and leave it at that.

i think my lesson this week....the one that has crash
landed on my head is to back away from the dysfunctions.

my gosh.

back away. ter.
just back away.

i have enough of my own to deal with......

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