Thursday, April 22, 2010

comment inspired...

laughin' with great delight over a comment
i just got. the person didn't realize my
boys were men!

makes me think of a great memory....about
five years let's see....they'd be
about 20, 17 and 13...something like that....
they were big kids, right??? okay...mostly
men....and i was doin' festivals back then.

i was at an art gig about an hour south of
here....and my 'kids' were driving down later
that day to stop by and say hello.

i said all morning to other artists and people
there 'oh, you have to meet my kids! they'll
be here in a bit.'

and i guess i gush over them like they're five
or something. and i act like i'm five a lot of
times i guess people think younger.

i will never forget when the gorillas came walkin
up...and they all had this outrageous long unkept
hair back people's eyes would get wide
and say 'THESE are your KIDS???'

laughin' with delight.
my men.
my apes.
back then they were my hairy apes.
i try to say 'guys' now and leave out kids or boys...
but i do slip...

and for the rest of that comment asking about home was THE best decision i ever made
regarding my kids. i couldn't speak highly enough
about it. the catch have to want it. if you
want it.
if not, it's prolly not the thing to do.
that's something everyone has to decide for themselves
and the way that works best for you is the best
way. trust that. and for many people, it's a regular

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Anonymous said...

Me again.

Yeah home schooling will have to be something I give some more thought to. Thankfully I still have another year before my oldest heads off to school.

I did go read those 2 posts about your sons yesterday and they sound like wonderful men. So inspired, down to earth and very intelligent.