Friday, April 23, 2010

safe places and girlfriends......

they're two of my best friends...
and i get to have coffee with them this

i missed the last round as i had a cold.
and i tell you, it feels like forever
since i've sat with both of them.

one of them gives these great big wonderful
hugs. she lets me sink into her arms and
stay there if i need to.

she's a lesbian and is very comfortable
holding another woman. and i tell ya,
it makes her hugs way good.

it's gonna be an extra long hug this morning!

and what's so cool is i don't even care
about talking about all my gunk this week.
i just want to be with them. hear their
stories, laugh with them and just be near

just be near them.

in their presence.

what a gift to have friends to feel that way

i was thinking about it....and how there's
this incredible love between the three of us
that creates the safest place.

safe places.
my gosh, i like them.

and today.......i so want to hop in it and
stay for awhile.

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