Thursday, April 29, 2010

just that easy

feeling completely mush minded this morning,
i grabbed a book and randomly opened it for
a little inspiration. (the book is anam cara)

the guy was talkin' about perceptions.

'how you see and what you see, determine
how you will be.'

made me think of a day years ago where i
traveled about a bit with a friend. we were
runnin' some errands. our personalities
were completely different.

at some point in the middle of it all,
in the parking lot, after conversing with
some stranger, she turned to me with this
look on her face and asked me 'do things
always flow your way like this?'

i looked at her surprised.
wasn't sure what she was talkin' about...
then realized...
i view my world as a friendly place. and
i interact with it that way.
she had a much more defensive out look on
things...and her life reflected that.

that was the first time i ever really saw
the perception thing clearly. it REALLY
does matter the lens you choose to look
out from.

it REALLY does.

now. i'd like to say i'm just wonderful and
friendly and life just always goes my way.
that'd be nice.

but i got the perception thing with other deals
in my life. and i see how i perceive difficulties

he mentions that in this book - that we tend to
see difficulties as a disturbance, but really they
can be 'a great friend' to creativity.

i haven't got that one down yet.

'a difficulty is a light; an insurmmountable
difficulty is a sun'


having just gone thru a pretty big difficulty,
and believing i got a ton of good out of it.....
i wondered how different it would have been if i
just knew, without even thinking about it, that
the challenge was my friend.

not the stopping myself thing where i say 'this
is good for me.' not that...
altho, that's where i guess i start......

but like that day with my friend....where i never
even thought about it. i just operated from a
friendly place with the world. it wasn't even
something i thought about.

oh......wouldn't that just be so cool???

so, maybe it's not really all the little actions
i need to work on tweaking...maybe it's just
adjusting the perceptions.

'just' doin' that.
did i say JUST???

like it'd be easy.........

but ya know........sure seems like it'd be life


Pamela Jones said...

you really can do it! whose voice is it that says things have to be difficult? Think I'll go to Staples and get me one of those EASY buttons!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Do you ever see that you do your best writing, your best art, your best..anything creative...during the hard times? At leaast that is the way with's the outlet of the spirit..manifesting hope :)

Love ya possum friend:)


Pot Luck Herbs said...

Oh Anam Cara is my most favoritest book ever! I think I told you once it's like my bible, and I do that..just randomly open it when I'm in need...and I swear, even though I read it dozens of time, each time it's like I'm seeing something for the first time...and case in point with your blog! I don't even remember those bits you referenced!! But I think I need to go delve and find them, because I may need that inspiration too!