Friday, April 30, 2010

lessons from the wormmies....

i decided to do something extra with my walking
route as it's just not long enough for me to
go to the places in my head i need to go to.

so i just changed it a bit to see if i could
connect to my inner child a bit more....

thing is.......i connected the second i stepped
on the road. so i think it's more intention and
openness than route.

i was knee deep into it with little terri when
the coolest thing happened....

we found a worm.

and i don't know......
i'm thinkin' it's cause i was kinda tuned
into this kid energy that i stopped.

it was goin' the wrong way....goin' AWAY
from the nice damp grass into the middle of the
dry street where he'd never make it. he's just
shrivel up and die.

i learned this when josh was a kid. i could never
take a walk with him without stopping for the
worms. there were some days there were so many
worms, we just never walked, we just did worm
patrol.....he'd toss all the worms back to the
cool damp places where they'd survive.

i always let him do the tossin' as i wasn't
big into worms and he seemed to have a mission.

but today....i don't know.....i was in kid mode.

so there i was bendin' over this worm actually
sayin' out loud 'you're goin' the wrong way, bud.'
i picked him up, which had to feel a little
rough to him and tossed him into the grass.

i thought of josh and smiled.

a little ways up the road, there was another.
okay, what the heck is with you guys, i asked
it....this was a big one. i stopped and looked
at it. 'you're a big fat wise one, aren't ya?'
and yes, the worm conversations were out loud.
at least my part of them was.

i picked him up and tossed him into the grass.

i noticed i wasn't as gentle with him.
he's big and fat, he can handle the toss....

and guessed it......
there was another.

this was a tiny one. ohhhh just a little guy.
i very very gently picked him up and tossed
him lightly over to the grass.

almost home when i saw a worm goin' the right
way!!! he was headin' straight into the place
that would make him thrive!

he did, however, have a fair distance to go.
but i didn't stop to help him. i knew he'd
make it...would take him awhile.....but he'd
do okay.

i turned into my driveway thinking about the

what if, ms. ter, you were like those worms...
you were headin' directly in a direction that
would dry you out and make you whither....
what if you got picked up and tossed completely
into another spot???

what would you do?

i'd grumble.
i'd complain.
i'd say ouch a lot.
and i may even spend a good bit of time tryin'
to get back to where i started with which was
wrong in the first place.


and the tosses???

when the worm was tiny and small, the toss was
more gentle.....when the worm was big and fat and was one heck of a toss....he could
handle it.


maybe there's a lesson in the worms for me
this morning......

i don't think i've ever said 'thank you' to
whatever force tossed me into a new direction

well, that's not true.......i have said thank you....
but it took me years to figure it out.

years later i knew.

what if you knew right when you landed.
that it was a good thing.

what if you KNEW?


Tracey Catarozoli a.k.a Sally Sunshine said...

i think it's more intention and
openness than route

Terri -- there's your next poem of the day! Beautiful!! I am SO touched by those words on this day at this time of my life! So Touched! I shall set my intention for the right direction of light and love and cookies! Thank you for the words across my heart today!! xxoo

AkasaWolfSong said...

Mitakuye Oyasin...'all things are related'...

Lessons from the gotta love that! :)

AkasaWolfSong said...

Mitakuye Oyasin...
"all things are related"

Simple yet elegant lessons from nature...


Anonymous said...

magic. . .you're writing is magic

t2 said...

Awesome, Ter.