Saturday, April 24, 2010

my favorite moment

the three of us sat at this tiny little
table in the coffee shop. there's not a lotta
room for privacy there...but what the heck,
we do the best we can.

she wanted to tell us something that was big
to her. but we didn't realize that. she didn't
intro it with a big thing, like i would have.
and like i had done earlier. in fact, i had
taken so long with the intro with my own big
news that one of my friends threw up her hands
and said 'would you just PLEASE tell it!'

laughing here...
she was much less dramatic.....and just started
a story. she leaned in close and told it quietly.
we leaned in close to listen.

and when she told us what happened my other friend
and i at the exact same time leaned back and made
the exact same gasping noise. in fact, we did it
so pefectly together that it was loud enough to
make everyone in the shop turn and look.

i looked around and laughed....
and then we leaned in and rejoiced with her.

she hadn't told anyone yet.
we were the first.

and what was so totally perfect was that we totally
got the bigness of what was going on. we totally
understood what this meant to her and we were both
filled with joy for her.

THAT was my favorite moment.
because THAT is one of the best things of friendship.

you know what matters to each other.
and you rejoice in the good and you cry with the hard.

i love that part.


Anonymous said...

Oh gee...that's just the bestest part about having good girl friends. *smiles*

Merry ME said...

Girlfriends rock!!!

faerian said...

as i read this i found myself leaning my head in to hear are a beautiful friend Terri