Wednesday, April 28, 2010

okay, i'll drive.

i had just decided i was gonna combine my walk
this morning with goin' for a cup of coffee.
i would just walk up to the coffee shop. was
tickled with this decision when noah, not knowing
this, plopped himself down and told me that he
really didn't think i should walk alone up that
way anymore.


are we mind reading now??

and he proceeded to tell me how he just took a
walk with his camera and how he met some guy
who was really really drunk up on the corner.

so drunk he introduced himself twice...with
two different names!

and then he launched into the funniest story.
complete with the guy having shown noah his
scar he got from a stab wound and his scar he
got from a bullet wound.

and here's my favorite part.........he got to
tellin' noah about the colors of people's souls.
he apparently had found jesus and was feelin'
pretty holy and was talkin' about people who
were just interested in money having green souls.

of course, inside as i'm listening to this story
i'm thinking 'did you ask him? did you ask him???'

and sure enough, noah turns to me and says 'so
i asked him what color his soul was.'

and i burst out laughing!
THAT'S my son!

i believe the answer was psychedelic rainbow.
while he got the psychedelic word out...i don't think
he got 'rainbow.' but noah helped him as he was
making hand signs in the shape of an arch.....

(and yes, i know there's a mcdonalds joke in here

oh i'm laughin' just typing this.

ohmygosh. turns out the guy lives in the neighborhood.
and he was just astounded he hadn't seen noah around.

just great.

and yes, i decided to drive to the coffee shop.

not cause of this guy.
he actually sounds like he'd be okay.
i mean, he's got a rainbow soul....

but i figure the timing for the message shouldn't be

so i laugh and stay close to home.....


Merry ME said...

Oh, I hope I have a rainbow colored soul. How wonderful would that be?

Sounds like Noah is a chip off the old block! What fabulous stories you tell.

Zenchick said...

"not cause of this guy.
he actually sounds like he'd be okay.
i mean, he's got a rainbow soul...."

I just laughed out loud. Like, GUFFAWED. Thanks! :-)

(and Noah sounds awesome!)