Tuesday, April 27, 2010

too many ters

a friend wrote asking about the inner child
work i do, wondering what was up with her
as it doesn't seem to work with her.

i have to smile.

i sit here and wonder what is up with me
because it DOES work.

i have GOT to be crazy.

honest to pete, if working with your inner
child isn't something that resonates with you...
then you're prolly very very normal.

which is a good thing.

i sit here and wonder if i've totally lost it

i've been interacting with mine for a few years
now and i see growth there.


what does that even MEAN???

here's what i feel like.......
i feel like i've shown her recently just how
committed i am to her, and that that has healed
something between us.

last nite when 'she' lost it....i held her.
and it was healing. it was being there for
myself in a way i needed.

i feel like i'm connecting with myself more,
i guess.

and i thought i was pretty good at connecting
with myself before i even found that part of me.

it feels healthy and right.
and completely insane.

and maybe giving myself permission to be insane....
publicly insane has been helpful too.

maybe just giving myself permission to do what i
need to do to feel sane even when it looks insane...
maybe that's the healing part.

who can tell?
maybe i'll go ask my inner teen.
she knows all the answers!


Pamela Jones said...

OMG...you have an inner teen, too? My condolences...does she roll her eyeballs a lot and think you are totally stupid and embarrassing?

And yes, they DO know it all!

(This may explain a lot...)

Merry ME said...

My inner teen uses bad language! And waves her middle finger (under the table)!