Monday, April 26, 2010

and there she was.....

did she come out today.
big time.

that inner child of mine.

she was upset, and she was gonna let me know it.

either she's gotten louder, or i've gotten way
more in tune...

maybe it's both....

i had been doing some writing at the computer anyway
so i just bopped up a blank page and typed it out.
what she would say to me.....


i thought maybe i'd break my keyboard in the process.

she has never come out like this before.

and you know what?

it felt great.

it felt absolutely necessary and good.

and then i stopped typing.
i put my head in my hands.
closed my eyes.

do you really think that? i asked her.

that's just how she felt.



and we did nothing.

i just held her and loved her.

that's it.

i didn't solve anything.
i didn't try to figure anything out.

i just held her and loved her.

what a powerful experience....


Merry ME said...


Indie said...

You are so gifted with words.

It is almost as though you paint them.

Indie said...

Great to be back and enjoying your work.

my best,


Pamela Jones said...

"do you really think that? i asked her.

that's just how she felt."

Wow...isn't that so true. As kids we express it all with emotion; as adults, we can help our kids understand that their feelings and thoughts can be two different things. No wonder you guys are getting so close!