Monday, April 26, 2010

thunderously good...

josh came by last nite after attending
a seminar that we were all curious about.
stuff about manifesting your life.
that kinda thing.

the thing about that stuff that always
gets me hung up is that you need to
know what you want in order to manifest it.

kinda basic.
and i always get stuck there.

but oh my gosh....i got on the treadmill
this morning and that darn thing took me
to all kindsa good places.

one of which was seein' what i wanted...

it was fabulous!

i feel like i got off that thing in a completely
different mood than when i got on.

i don't have it down exactly yet....what i want
to go for in my life....but i've got more of an
idea than i've ever had before!


and that just feels sooo good.

i think i should get on that treadmill a whole
lot more often!

what i choose to concentrate on today is up to me.
as soon as i typed that the sky roared with thunder!

how's THAT for an affirmation?!


AkasaWolfSong said...

I'd say it is thunderously good!

Ha Ha Ha!

Now carry that vibration with you all day long Darlin' and I will too!

Loving You...

Pamela Jones said...

And to think that we sometimes think we're going nowhere on a treadmill. Exciting times, Terri...exciting times.

Zenchick said...

I do the same thing! Get caught up in what to try to "bring forth"!!
I find that making it general helps-then you are more in partnership with the larger process.
Like: I want to do somthing I love for money. I want to have love in my life. I want to mostly feel peaceful, no matter what is happenening....
...gets me further than: I want THIS job, or I want THIS to happen...
ya know?