Monday, April 5, 2010


it never ceases to amaze me how life is full of


so i read this 'die to it' stuff i posted in
the blog yesterday, and wouldn't you know i
get something in my life that totally pushes
my buttons.

oh for pete's sakes.

she's the queen of button pushing in my life.
and it's even more than pushing my buttons, it's
actively doing things that hurt.

so i hear this little whisper 'die to it.'


i think maybe this time i'm gonna do something
about it once and for all....

the whisper rolls thru again....
'die to it.'

yeah, yeah, yeah...but what about....

'die to it.' echoes inside me.

i think of the ego/soul comment (see post below)
and i know absolutely ego is runnin' the
show inside me right now.

die to it. see the bigger picture.
die to it. let go of the ego stuff.
die to it. focus on the all, not just your little

so i walked.

and i tried.

and i think while i walked, i did.

but i think i might have to keep doin' it.

don't think i'll be able to get it in one walk.
but that's okay.

this is all new to me.

i gotta tell ya, it felt kinda cool.

i had a lot of anger, hurt and wanting to do
something about it.

and this kinda just brought me to a place of letting
go and watching a bird soar thru the sky.

a much better place.

like i say, don't think i'll stay there.
but i think i may work on this die to it stuff.
my first try and i liked the results....

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Qn Dani said...

Loved the blogs on "die to it"!

My mentor's husband was an old WWII died in the wool Marine who had a couple of "soldier" sayings: "Is this the hill you want to plant your flag on? and/or Is this the battle you're ready to die fighting?"

It (still to this day) makes me think about my flags, and the hills I'm on, and the battles I face.

My mentor had a saying of her own, she'd add; "Anger, hurt and resentment are the blindfolds we wear to our own execution."

"Die to It" or "Let it Die." As Don Miguel Ruiz wrote in the Voice of Knowledge, when all is said and done, the details we hold onto are just part of the ego's story.