Monday, April 5, 2010

a bit of sky

i made it outside this morning in that special
time i call magic time.

before it's light out, but everything's gearin'
up for the big light up.

my gosh, the birds were goin' to town.
i don't remember ever hearin' them quite so
noisy. they were makin' a darn ruckus.

the moon was out.

it was magic time.
noisy magic time.

i felt like i could just climb right on into
the sky...

didn't want to leave it.

thought maybe i could stash some in my pocket
for later today.

i smiled and thought of a shel silverstein poem
i read last nite.

it's called 'sky seasoning'

'a piece of sky
broke off and fell
through the crack in the ceiling
right into my soup,
i really must state
that i usually hate
lentil soup, but i ate
every drop!
delicious delicious
(a bit like plaster)
but so delicious, goodness sake -
i could have eaten a lentil soup lake.
it's amazing the difference
a bit of sky can make.'

ah, yes.......i'm with him.
it's amazing the difference a bit of
sky can make!

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