Wednesday, April 7, 2010

reality shifts....

as a precaution to avoid all creepy people
this morning, i decided to skip the walk and
just sit on my back porch.

i sat and listened to the birds.

my gosh are they noisy little things.

i listened then got lost in thoughts, then
listened some more.

some birds goofin' around in my neighbor's
yard caught my attention.

i watched now and listened.

and this smile came over my face.

there's this whole world of birds. and this
morning it felt like a very populated world.
they go around screamin' and singin' and
pushin' each other around....

i got intrigued with the idea that the birds
were the real world, and us, the people were
just the side things like the birds are to us.

how bizarre would that be?

i sat there quietly. kinda like a cat.
just sat there fading in and out of thoughts.
not part of the world really.
just a lump on my porch.

the birds paid no attention to me.
they had their worlds to attend to.

i was just another person of a certain species
resting over there.

how do you ever really know what it is?

this morning i didn't.
i handed it to the universe.
i haven't a clue what's real, what's not.....
you take it.
i'm gonna just sit here and see how it all goes.

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Pamela Jones said...

I'm tellin''s at this time of year! Have you ever tried answering back when the birds call? It can really cause a stir! I learned about a crow behavior called "mobbing" -- where they all band together and swoop and dive in response to an intruder -- when I apparently copied the call to this behavior. It was awesome! About 6 or 7 crows all were swooping and flying a round me as I walked -- not attacking, but kind of including me.