Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a self love tidbit

ah, i had just barely started my walk when
some creepy guy turned the corner my way.
unusually creepy guy.

i pulled my cell phone right outta my pocket
and called yo who was in the shower and not
hearing it.


it's unusual that i get this kinda signal
from someone and i don't fool around when i
get it.

i turned the corner, made sure he wasn't behind
me, sat on the curb by the pastor's house and
tried to figure out which way i wanted to go.
figured i could always go visit the pastor.

home is where i wanted.

cell in hand, i made my way home in a way i
figured i wouldn't bump into this guy again.

darn. i missed the sky. i missed the walk.
but i did go sit on my back porch with
a book.

different book. and guess what? he started
talking about practicing dying! no kidding.
how weird. talk about a theme.....

first tho he was talking about narcissism vs.
self love.

i liked this part and wanted to share....

'for example there are times when our behavior
is unbecoming. if we deny that our behavior is
'bad' and fail to seek ways to correct it or
redeem ourselves by learning from what we have
done wrong, then we are primarily concerned with
self-esteem. on the other hand, if we are operating
from a sense of self-love, the healthier thing to
do would be to acknowledge our mistakes and chastise
ourselves if we must- as well as have the ability
to discern that our failure at any given moment does
not totally define our worth. or who we are as
a person. we need moments when we realize that we
do not have it all together and that we are not
perfect. such moments are crucial to our growth
because loving ourselves requires the capacity
to recognize that here is something about us we
need to work on.

so there is a difference between insisting that we
always feel good about ourselves (which is narcissistic
and synonymous with constantly preserving our self-
esteem) and insisting that we regard ourselves as
important or valuable (which is healthy self love)'

i liked that, altho yeah, i might get rid of the
chastise comment, but i figure he says stuff like
that cause he knows we do that. at least i do....

i liked it because sometimes i think the idea of
loving yourself can get muddled and we get confused
and sometimes it doesn't leave room for messin'
up and correcting it. it doesn't leave room for
growth sometimes. at least that's how it feels to me.

when i read this i just felt like nodding and goin'
yeah, yeah, that makes sense.

thought i'd share.....

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